How can we get others involved?

These thoughts came out of the Partnership for a Green Community’s kick-off meeting on Wednesday, February 4th. Please feel free to click the edit button below to share your thoughts! And feel free to erase this line of text as the discussion builds.. :-)

Below, we answer question #4: How can we get others involved?

What are your ideas for getting others involved?

  • Make a plan
  • Create projects that have real visibility
  • Concrete, tangible, measurable projects
  • Block-by-block canvassing and projects
    • One's own block is the main part of one's whole world
  • Educating / marketing in a skilled, pointed way
  • Concentrate efforts rather than disperse them
  • Understanding individual groups of people
  • Online map of 19125
    • community gardens, vacant lots, etc
    • easy to use for average people
    • turn layers on and off
  • Web source for consolidating and disseminating community happenings
  • Posters (bars, restaurants, etc)
  • Surveys
    • fishtown blog
    • @ penn treaty
      • champagne
      • shadd
    • take home from school
    • postcard form to distribute at restaurants
    • neighborhood meetings
    • knock on doors
  • Encourage neighbors to knock on trees
  • Start! if you build it they will come. lead by example.
  • Simple steps
  • Educate — trees are good because
  • Market
  • Pledge drive to get people to promise to be greener — leaving for the next generation
  • Explain that it can be fun and exciting. not just meetings. and it doesn't have to be time intensive

Doing something with the El

  • Drawbacks
    • physical and visual presence
    • associated problems such as litter and crime
    • lack of good pedestrian routes to El
      • doesn't need to be dead space underneath (ie Chicago)
  • Big enough factor to merit lots of attention and work
  • Need to attract business nea El… pioneers
  • Lighting is poor — improving lighting would be simple but effective
  • Art to invite to the area
  • Enhance with horticultural elements


  • Need to tailor some intiatives for homeowners
    • repair education
    • solar
  • Understand diverse demographics
  • Involvement —> educate and inform
    • block captains
    • council people
  • Sustainability is fun!
    • green fest in neighborhood (similar to arts fest)
  • Sustainability makes the environment safer
    • tie greening/sustainability to this
    • eyes on the street vs garages
    • bike lanes
    • more appealing and safe public transportation
  • Fnd a simple demonstration project to show off
  • Neighborhood "house parties" or block parties (pass out info and tokens of engagement)
  • Window stickers / badges / buttons (sustainable 19125)
  • Painted crosswalks
  • Branding (lead by example)
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