Sustainable Living: Groups to Join

Kensington Community Food Coop
Mission: To open a member-owned cooperative grocery store in the Kensington area that will provide healthy, quality food, products and services to its members and the community.

Diaper Free Baby
Diaper Free Baby
DiaperFreeBaby is a network of free support groups promoting a natural approach to responding to babies' elimination needs. This practice is followed worldwide and is known as Elimination Communication, Natural Infant Hygiene, and Infant Potty Training. The process involves observing one's baby's signs and signals, providing cue sounds and elimination-place associations, and can be done with or without any diaper use.

Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia

What do you get when you take 25 selected Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, give each of them the same materials (25+ items) to work with and send them off for a few months to their respective creative lairs to create an artwork? And the only rule is that "There are no rules, only materials." Visit the Dumpster Divers Gallery at 734 South Street to be inspired about some things you can do with your unwanted, broken, and miscellaneous stuff! The Diver's gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday 3pm to 8pm. The work consists almost entirely out of found objects and materials recycled, repurposed, or saved from the trash! The Philadelphia Dumpster Divers is a 17+ year old association of approximately 40 artists and friends; the gallery currently showcases work form between 20 and 30 different artists.

Philly Compost Map

Philly Compost was developed by Philly Freecycle moderator, Meenal Raval and Lee Meinicke. The goal is to help keep food and yard waste out of landfills through composting in our neighborhoods. There is NO reason why anything organic should be headed into a landfill or incinerator, and composting what we can is the first step! Check out the map of composting sites around the city that you could add your kitchen and yard waste to.

The phactory

Help build a mixed-use center in Kensington/Port Richmond for everything green and sustainable but ESPECIALLY centered around reuse & recycling. Access to a large piece of centrally located, transit-oriented, easy to get to property to renovate and (re)build a demonstration and development center for such things in Philadelphia, what is needed are people with all sorts of skills, access to building materials and other resources to help make it happen! This is a big project, but everybody may be able to help in one way or another. There is also possibly plenty of room for you & your projects, and community and nonprofit organizations. You can see a little 29 second video about the site at:
Write to moc.liamg|yrotcahp#moc.liamg|yrotcahp to get involved!

Please Take Material Exchange

PTME is a non-profit, arts & environmental organization dedicated to improving Greater Philadelphia through the creative reuse of materials. Their programs reduce and redirect waste from the trash stream by redistributing surplus materials to artists, educators and communities. Simultaneously, their collection efforts educate businesses and the general public about the exciting possibilities of recycling.

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