What's exciting about Sustainable 19125?

These thoughts came out of the Partnership for a Green Community’s kick-off meeting on Wednesday, February 4th. Please feel free to click the edit button below to share your thoughts! And feel free to erase this line of text as the discussion builds.. :-)

Below, we answer question #1: What excites you about the Sustainable 19125 initiative? Would you add or change anything?

What grabs us about the Sustainable 19125 initiative

  • Meeting new people and collaborating in new ways
    • this initiative can bring different folk together
    • combining artists + stormwater projects = being creative with infrastructure
    • more people getting excited and becoming involved
      • attracting more of those folks here
  • Community building via greening and sustainability
  • Improving our transportation options
    • less cars, and more walking, biking, public transportation
  • Revitalization
    • mixed use developments
    • the existing building blocks are like infrastructure
    • vacancies as opportunities
  • Economic development opportunities
    • want to see the economy become more local
    • want to see more support for local business
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Neighborhood's historical context
  • Green building opportunities
  • Landscape (productive and aesthetic)
    • parks, farms, gardens
    • urban agriculture
      • sustainable, local gardens
  • Waterfront
  • - problems and possibility
  • Reducing waste
    • stormwater colection
      • particularly from backyards
      • better for the house (basement)
    • litter reduction
  • Improving drinking water
  • Increasing the availability and prominence of eco-friendly products and services
    • <3 organic
  • Programing activities - jobs, kids, education
  • Education opportunities and public awareness
    • students / youth and adults
    • shift emphasis from consumption to sustainability
    • expansion of education

What needs to change or be added

  • More farms
  • Multifunctional large green space
  • Social/neighborhood connectedness
  • Need to define commerce centers / corridor
  • Support local entrepreneurs opening business
  • Bike paths/lanes, well defined and highly functional
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