What/where are the opportunities?

These thoughts came out of the Partnership for a Green Community’s kick-off meeting on Wednesday, February 4th. Please feel free to click the edit button below to share your thoughts! And feel free to erase this line of text as the discussion builds.. :-)

Below, we answer question #2: What do you see out there in terms of funding possibilities, people and/or projects to connect with, ideas, models / case studies, tools, equipment, information, etc?

Help us identify existing resources and opportunities

  • Need maps / data identifying opportunities
  • Info on opportunities accessible to many (need)
  • Existing city/regional infrastructure
    • The El
    • Philadelphia Water Department
      • information about rain collection (ie the rain barrels)
  • Local funding help
    • William Penn funding for a project
  • Local green businesses
  • Tap into the arts
  • Penn Treaty
  • Palmer
  • Konrad Sq
  • Rec centers - schisler
  • Pops playground
  • High school youth
  • Library
  • Small Businesses
  • The walkable neighborhood
  • Philly tree people
  • FNA
  • Bikeracks on Frankford Avenue
  • Residents
    • senior
    • youth
    • new arrivals
  • Vacant land reuse
  • New development opportunities
  • History of civic engagement
  • Social networking opportunities
  • Microfinance
  • Mill Creek
  • Green gardens
  • PhillyFreeCycle or Craigslist
    • for used goods
    • A complementary service to PhillyFreeCycle/Craigslist for those without Internet service
  • Stormwater intersection at Columbia and Thompson
    • in development…
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